How to remove body odor naturally

How to remove body odor naturally - Hallo blogger friend all this time I will share tips on how you can overcome the body odor as it quickly and naturally, many of us who complained of body odor body odor due to the negative impact of our busy day to day where we tidk feel full of confidence during activity

Body odor is natural scent of the body, but if we are excessive body odor makes us uncomfortable, usually smell excessive bada this happens to you are overweight because fat in the body then in the process up to a maximum combustion

For those of you who have this problem do not taku again, because here I will share tips for overcoming body odor as it quickly and naturally, for those of you who want to solve this problem, then read this article in full to get maximum benefit

how to remove body odor

1. Diligently Shower

Body odor is very closely related to the bath, if you are not diligent in the bath then existing bacteria will multiply in your body makes your body to stink, because of the many bacteria that accumulate, then try to bathe regularly to avoid body odor for your body

2. Cucumbers
In addition to regular bathing, body odor can also be removed with the benefits of cucumber, cucumber slices manner longitudinally long and will apply on the excessive body odor such as armpits and other body joints after you shower

3. Cloves

Clove was also able to overcome the problem of body odor you experience, by way of take Kultum clove and soak in warm water expands hingg cloves, clove then water is drunk, if the drinks are not bad, you may add sugar in it, do it in a sustainable manner

4. Lime (lemon)

Lemon fruit also can solve your problem by taking three new lemon lime seiri given and apply the mixture on your armpits for 15 minutes, do this step after you shower

5. Ginger

Ginger was also able to assist you in body odor problems, by way of grated ginger until smooth, apply grated ginger in your armpits regularly, and you can also drink ginger regularly to eliminate body odor naturally

That's a variety of ways to solve your problem is overcome body odor as it quickly and naturally this may be useful for you, good luck and success in overcoming Environment for you - How to remove body odor naturally