Betel leaf health benefits natural in home

Betel leaf health benefits natural in home - A benefit of betel leaves to face and how to use it-the betel leaf is leaves that are familiar dieting us. The leaves are often used for our ancestors as cud for dental health

A benefit of betel leaf itself is very much useful for health especially for women. Benefits of betel leaf for women such as overcoming vaginal discharge, menstrual pain and facial

Benefits of Betel Leaf for the Face

Have a healthy; beautiful faces white is craving a majority of women. Therefore, the woman kept her face in order not to experience acne, freckles face pocked etc. the following benefits of betel leaf for the face:

Treat and cope with Acne
Efficacy of betel leaves to face the first is to eliminate acne problems. Acne is a problem that is highly feared by women/women
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By him women certainly do anything to them utterly from the skin of the face. Causes of acne themselves many things such as excess hormones, stress etc. Well the benefits of betel leaf can treat acne facial

How to get rid of acne is traditionally one of them is using the leaves of the sir. The betel leaf is red or green contain essential oil, flavonoids, compounds, sapiens scanning etc.

With the natural deposits of betel leaf are rich in antioxidant, and useful as a natural antiseptic/traditional - Betel leaf health benefits natural in home

Betel leaf health benefits natural in home

Here's how to tackle acne with betel leaves, betel leaf sheet 7-10: washing it first so that the cleaner
Boil the betel leaf with 1 liter of water until cooked
Then the betel leaf stew clean to face exposed acne
Side effects of betel leaf for the face is useful to remove acne. Do flush detection of betel leaf before sleep repeatedly until the acne disappear from the face of the

Betel leaf whitening face
A benefit of betel leaves to face the second is beneficial to whiten the face. How to whiten the face with betel leaf is by boiling 8-10 betel leaf and then boiled using decoction of betel leaves, washed

Betel leaf removes facial oil and face pocked
Benefits of betel leaves to face pocked. With a variety of daily activities make face oily. How to remove the oily face using the betel leaf is by boiling 10 sheets of betel leaf and then clean on oily face.
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How to make a mask betel leaf
make face masks make use betel leaf for acne, face pocked, whiten the face other than by washing the betel leaf depiction can also with making him a face mask as follows :
  • Prepare
  • 10-pieces of betel leaf
  • Pure honey
  • Wash the betel leaves, betel leaves, puree with stones or lean
  • Then mix the honey and stir overall
  • Wash your face with facial foam formerly until dry
  • Continue to apply the betel leaf mix honey last to the face for 15 minutes
  • Then wipe with clean water
That’s the 3-benefits of betel leaf red for the face as well as betel leaf nutritious Greens to remove acne whiten face, remove oil on the face. Uses of betel leaves for vaginal discharge - Betel leaf health benefits natural in home