Benefits of garlic for natural health

Benefits of garlic for natural health - We know garlic as a condiment cooking. Garlic has many benefits for your health. Garlic is also easy once we encounter in everyday life. Garlic is usually set as a condiment Cook cuisine, of which contained the White material is a healthy diet. Garlic has a variety of substances that are good for our health

The garlic into the cooking materials, and rarely for consumption directly. But in the fact that garlic is better at eating straight and still fresh without having to cook in advance in order to get health bladder inside.

Benefits of garlic

Garlic has a wide range of benefits for our health, as well as to prevent garlic can also treat various diseases such as cancer, hypertension, heart, kidney and other dangerous diseases.

But in fact very few people who like to consume garlic, because it has a less savory aromas and flavors. With the constraints of the garlic more in make to treat illness rather than in terms of preventing. We know in medicine we often stress to prevent than treat, because it is more heavily from medicating prevent, but most of us mistakenly health problems

Before we discuss about the benefits of garlic for health it's good we're commenting on health content contained in garlic - Benefits of garlic for natural health

Here's some content contained in garlic after a survey using a 136 grams of pure garlic :

  • Vitamin C; Meet the 71% of the daily needs
  • Calcium; Meet the 25% daily needs
  • Iron; Meet the 13% of daily needs
  • Carbohydrates (45 grams); 15% of the daily needs
  • Fiber (3 grams); meet the everyday needs of 11%.

1. Garlic as a herbal cancer
Researchers have discovered the properties of garlic, to cope with a disease that kills the cancer. That could be seen of garlic contains ally l sulfides, which functions as an anti cancer herb, which can prevent cancer cells proliferate

2. Garlic lowers high blood press

Studies have examined that garlic is effective to reduce blood levels of the crane and down 7-8%. Then the industrious with garlic consumption we can avoid the risk of very high blood is not good for health

3. Garlic is able to reduce cholesterol

Garlic is also used to lower cholesterol is effective where there is a substance that is capable of controlling even lowering cholesterol for our health

As for the other benefits of garlic:

  • Increase the metabolism of iron
  • Garlic effective for skin Beauty
  • Remove toothache is very effective
  • Garlic can cut weight
  • Prevent disease (brain Weakened) dementia and Alzheimer's disease

So don't hesitate to consume garlic, let alone the US who want to live a healthy life if possible until we die. Garlic is indeed becoming a friend of health conscious at all. Then from now on Let's multiply consume garlic for our health until old age. Have nothing to lose when you love to consume garlic as garlic has many great benefits for health. That's our article dishes this time that discuss the benefits of garlic for health. - Benefits of garlic for natural health