Sugar apple leaves health benefits remedies

Sugar apple leaves health benefits remedies - Sugar-Apple (Anon squamous) is a fruit that has many designations in various regions in Indonesia. Some are calling it the versatile star of stars, pomegranate.

The shape of the leaves and fruit, custard apples at a glance is similar to sour soup fruit. So know matter which, if sour soup leaves as for traditional medicine, then leaves and fruit custard apples ever so. In fact almost all parts of the plant are custard apples are beneficial as a remedy.

Sugar apple leaves health

The Benefits of Sugar-Apple Leaves

already from the famous sugar-Apple Leaves before us countless benefits like overcoming cough, fever, rheumatism, lower blood uric acid levels are high, diarrhea, dysentery, rectal prolapse in children, intestinal worms, head lice, for external use ulcers, wounds, ulcers, scabies, mange, and eczema. Example of usage:

Ulcers and boils
Wash the fresh leaves to taste, and then milled until smooth. Add a little salt, and then use this herb to be smeared on ulcers or ulcers and cover. Within a day, replace the 2--3 times

Sudden fainting, calming hysterical sufferers
Wash the fresh leaves to taste, then mash until smooth. Hover above the nose-leaf grinder sufferers so that it sucked by sufferers.

Intestinal worms in children
Wash the leaves fresh custard apples (15-sheets), then boiled with five-cups of water until the remaining three-glasses. Once cool, strain and drink three times a day, each one glass.

Digestive disorders
Wash the leaves to taste, minced fresh custard apples until smooth, and add coconut oil to taste. Paste in the stomach.

Wash the leaves fresh custard apples (15-sheets), and then milled until smooth. Squeeze as much water whiting with a teaspoon and use it to scrub the skin scabies. Do twice a day.

Benefits of seeds and Fruit sugar-Apple
The seeds can also be utilized to cope with weak digestion, intestinal worms, and turn off the head lice and bugs. Sour soup fruit that is still used to treat acute diarrhea, dysentery, and indigestion (dyspepsia atomic). The following is an example of its use:

Exterminating flea’s dogs
Bathe the dog with the lousy water decoration of the leaves or seeds custard apples. - Sugar apple leaves health benefits remedies

How, finely mashed beans or custard apples, add water to taste, then strain the water and used to bathe the dog.

Turn off the head lice
Wash the bean custard apples (10 round) and leaf fresh custard apples (1 handheld), and then milled until smooth. Add a little coconut oil, and then stir it evenly. Put on the scalp, then wrap with a cloth. After three-hours, go and wash up until clean. Do not rinse until water enters into the eye as it can cause irritation and inflamed.

Ripen boils
Take the content of the fruit is ripe, then milled smooth. Add a little salt while stirring evenly, treat on ulcers, and then swathe it with gauze.

That's some benefits and usefulness of the leaves and seeds of custard apples you can make reference to traditional medicine. Hope this info is helpful and don't forget to share this article to your relatives to share info about natural health. success for all of us - Sugar apple leaves health benefits remedies