Mulberry fruit health benefits nutrition facts

Mulberry health benefits nutrition - Mulberry is derived from the Chinese plant, grow and thrive at a height of 100 meters above sea level, and require very much sunlight.

Mulberry plant has many benefits once either from leaves, berries, roots and branches, because the plant has a wide range of vitamins and a variety of other content

Mulberry fruit health benefits nutrition facts

For a disease that can be cured with Mulberry plants are fever, malaria, flu, coughs, remote, high blood pressure, diabetes, foot elephant (Elephant's foot) red eye inflammation (acute conjunctivitis), increased breast feeding, night sweats, vomiting of blood, high cholesterol etc.

Lots of benefits that can be taken from the tree of the Mulberry, both from the roots, leaves, stems and fruit of Mulberry contains an awful lot of usefulness and its benefits for our health, therefore let us begin close to the tree to get the Mulberry a wide range of benefits and improved - Mulberry health benefits nutrition

Benefits of Mulberry leaves
1. Fever, flu, malaria
2. Coughing, headache, sore throat, toothache and rheumatism
3. High blood pressure, diabetes,
4 red eye inflammations.
5. Reproduce the breast milk (BREAST MILK)
6. Heartburn, vomiting blood and coughed blood rising
7. Disorders of the digestive channel

The benefits of the roots of Mulberry
1. Toothache
2. Do not come menstruation
3. The phlegm so cough, shortness of breath
4. Swelling of the face (Edible)
5. Urine painful and difficult (dysuria)
6. The worm

The benefits of the fruit of the Mulberry (Sang Sheen)
1. High blood pressure
2. Liver
3. Insomnia
4. The hearing
5. Blurred vision
6. Chronic hepatitis
7. Constipation
8. Muscle and joint pain
9. Premature gray hair

The benefits of the twig (Sang Zhi) Mulberry
1. Rheumatism
2. Back pain
3. High blood pressure
4. Enrichment and accelerated hair growth

It is a wide range of health benefits to plant Mulberries that we have parts of the roots, fruits, leaves to the branches; this may be our motivation to continue to priorities the health of - Mulberry health benefits nutrition