Jasmine health benefits flower at home

Jasmine health benefits - Jasmine flowers are part of a plant that a great many benefits for health, where jasmine flowers a lot once we encounter in ordinary gardens planted ornamental plants, in addition to the beautiful Jasmine plant also has lots of benefits and drank to my health.

Jasmine health benefits

Jasmine flowers that grow fresh with a variety of benefits and health care, not people rarely make use of jasmine flowers as a medicine to nourish the body, the way the processing of jasmine flowers are also a great many, i.e. you can make tea or direct flush with use warm water to get the benefits

Jasmine has a fragrant small flowers and is often used for a variety of uses of jasmine can be grown and bloomed all year, he grows in loose soil with an altitude ranging between 600-800 meters above sea level, is Jasmine requiring only sunlight for survival.

For diseases that can be treated with a crop of jasmine, among others, the following - Jasmine health benefits

1. Stop the ASI overload
Finely crushed jasmine flowers, and paste it into your chest every morning and evening before bathing

2. Eye Hospital
Jasmine flowers mashed in subtle, and paste in the eyes exposed, when dry, use again until healthy eyes as usual

3. Fever and headache
take 1 handful leaves of the jasmine and 10 sheets of Jasmine, squeeze-squeeze out the ingredients by hand and then soaked with water in a basket, using water as a means of blackmail in the forehead last sweep results

4. Shortness of breath
Prepare 20 Jasmine leaves and salt to taste, stewed Jasmine leaf with water 3 cups boiled to boiling until about-about 2 cups left over, then filtered and paste it in the morning before bathing the chest Area

That’s the benefits and efficacy of jasmine flowers which you already know, and are still a great many benefits of jasmine flowers for the health of the body. Jasmine flowers are indeed always being the choice of every person who wants to find a cure naturally. After you read this article and found this article useful for you and your family should you share this article with your closest relatives to give info about body health naturally ?   - Jasmine health benefits