how does cardiovascular disease affect exercise prescription

Physical activity prevents cardiovascular disease - Cardiovascular is a disease ischemic heart disease (IHD), stroke, cardiac disorders due to high blood pressure, rheumatic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, atrial fibrillation. The disease is known to be very dangers and not a few lives that fly when developing cardiovascular

Cardiovascular disease has some symptoms that should we realize in order not happening things that we don't want, we'll share your satisfaction about the disease cardiovascular for you, read this article until it is finished to get explanations about cardiovascular disease; these are some symptoms while developing cardiovascular:
cardiovascular disease

1. Angina (wind sitting)
Usually the symptoms are very often occurs when namely cardiovascular of developing angina. When the heart is not getting the oxygen-rich blood supply, plus the pain in the chest and cramps in the muscular part of that is what's meant by angina.

2. Heart failure
Heart failure does not vary much with angina where the heart cannot function properly in pumping blood that contains a lot of oxygen, which cause you to limp

Cardiovascular has some kind of disease; most people classify a disease cardiovascular into 4 types: - physical activity prevents cardiovascular disease :

1. Heart disease
The disease is often called with coronary heart disease where the cause of this disease is clogged or narrowing of the arteries, usually this is caused by thickened blood vessels as well as his going on the infection and swelling of the blood flow

2. Stroke
Stroke is the loss of control over the organs of the body that caused a lack of blood supply that many contain oxygen caused by constriction of blood vessels

3. Hypertension
Hypertension is high blood pressure caused by narrowing of the arteries. Hypertension could be increasingly critical when it occurs when blood vessels rupture pressure dais blood flow so high that causes death.

4. Hypercholesterolemia
This disease is the position where the cholesterol levels in the blood are high, typically associated with the number of fat consumption but could not get burnt by the body. Cholesterol is indeed often a disease that greatly feared by many.

Cardiovascular disease has an awful lot of types; we have covered a few points about the disease cardiovascular. When you want to avoid disease and far from cardiovascular let you start to maintain your health. Since when has been developing this very difficult cardiovascular to in medicine.

That’s the explanation of the disease cardiovascular, hope this article was helpful to you and share with your relatives to know the conditions and constraints as well as the cause of the disease cardiovascular. Life is to be healthy, then adjust the one living with a pattern of healthy living with consume foods that are full of nutrients and healthy. Hopefully this article useful - physical activity prevents cardiovascular disease