Health benefits of mistletoe herbs

Health benefits of mistletoe herbs - Parasite (Lorantus) is a plant that can live without land. The parasite is commonly called a parasite like clinging to the branches of the mineral sources of the smoke of wood from the tree where he had installed

Health benefits of mistletoe herbs

The parasite has a single flower seeds and fruits contain Latex, pass we know only as parasites of trees that turned out to contain the benefits and efficacy in treating a variety of ailments such as

The parasite is also often the call as loranthus, where easy we encounter in a tall tree, and died. Parasitic plants that sustain life near a large plant. But we should know that this parasite also has lots of benefits and the benefits to human health - Health benefits of mistletoe herbs

Loranthus has some benefits and benefits to human health where loranthus is believed could cure cancer and various other diseases, for more details you can read this article until it has been completed, so that you know the benefits and usefulness loranthus tree for health.

Loranthus is not always necessarily be detrimental to other trees because with loranthus can create many elixir that could cure a variety of ailments.

1. Tumor diseases and cancer
Take the 1-2 stem parasite comes from tea tree, 1 stalk of grass weeds, then redeem these plants with 3 cups of water to a boil, then strain it and waiting for cold water, and drink 1/2 cups per day

2. The tonsils
Take a lemon tree stem parasites, plant fennel in the mix until enough, boil the two ingredients with 3 cups of boiling water, and drink a day with a dose of 1 x 1/2 cup

3. Measles
Take 2 stalks of fennel and leaves a parasite to taste, then still till blended until smooth, and make potions like we put powder on the affected part of measles

It is a variety of parasitic plants benefits we know only as a parasite on other trees, but there are many benefits for health and natural healing that we can use as a source of natural medicines. That’s some usefulness and benefits of Loranthus, when you feel this article helpful let you share it with your closest relatives for info and very useful health tips - Health benefits of mistletoe herbs