Cough treatment natural at home fast relief

Cough treatment natural at home - Cough is diseases that often come to everyone, especially the immune system decline due to lack of vitamin a can prevent the arrival of the virus that causes cough

Cough treatment natural at home fast relief

When we have a cough, we will feel the pain in my chest and it's hard to breathe, hence cough should be immediately addressed with a variety of drugs that can take advantage of, prescription and natural

Here we will discuss the issue of how to treat a cough with the efficacy of plant fennel, maybe some of us who know this plant fennel, fennel are plants that live in the lowlands of southern Europe and Asia, where this plant has very much efficacy of the treatment course, and stone is one of the diseases that can be treated with anise herbs, in addition to the fennel to cough cannot resolve the following disease

Disease constipation, abdominal pain, respiratory disorders and many other diseases can be healed with natural anise leaves benefits

The disease can be cured with fennel plants we now focus through the cough medicine with plants that there are benefits, which means for the treatment of coughs are as follows - Cough treatment natural at home

1. Prepare the fennel fruit powder 5 g, then brewed with boiling water, strain and then once cool pour water, having mixed with honey from wild as much as 1 tablespoon, leveling up late and drank as much as 2 x a day for the efficiency of treatment f cough with fennel plants, do these treatments to heal

2. Prepare as much HP 1/4 Sage leaves, hibiscus flower 2 pieces, hand held 1/5, salary leaves flowers as much as 10 pieces, red onion 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon of fennel, pulsar 1, 1 finger ginger, brown sugar 3 fingers, after the potion prepared, and then in pieces the piece until blended, then simmer with the use of as many as 3 cups of water, past herb became 1/2 after the cold Cup of water, strain, and drink, do so in a sustainable way at least 3 times a day and drink as much as the 1/2 cup

That way the treatment of cough with fennel plants benefits, no need for the doctor to solve the problem during a cough that can still take advantage of the natural herbs-natural

Hopefully this article useful for you in overcoming cough, there are still many tips and natural treatment ways here, and when you found this article helpful to you, share this article with those closest to you to find ways to heal a cough naturally - Cough treatment natural at home