Bay leaf health benefits natural

Bay leaf benefit health - Plants that grow in the forests and mountains of the many health benefits, in addition to wild plants can also come on the page. This plant commonly found in the lowlands to high altitudes up to 1,800 meres above sea level

bay leaf benefit health

Bay leaves have myriad benefits and improved for health, bay leaf is easy once we encounter in the woods of the various places other shrubs, leaves this indeed looks very simple but lots of benefits

To learn more about bay leaf, let this article until you read it thoroughly to know the efficacy and benefits of bay leaf is excellent for your consumption and you make a natural remedy that can nourish the body

This plant many benefits for the health of our bodies, including a disease that can be treated with this plant - Bay leaf benefit health

1. Diarrhea
15 gr leaves washed and cleaned and boiled then clean 1 cup water, wait for it to boil and add salt to taste, strain and cool drinks

2. Diabetes
7 Bay leaves washed and cleaned, boiled in 3 cups of boiling water to 1 Cup, after the cold Part 1/2 to drink in the morning and night

3. Heartburn
15-20 Bay leaves washed and cleaned, boiled 1/2 liters of water to a boil, add sugar to taste, drink this concoction was not the tea until missing the pain in the abdomen

4. Scabies, itch
Take the leaves or roots, Porter of Bay leaves are washed clean, then milled smooth pureed up like dough and place of pain in

The benefits of the leaf may not know the usability, now that you are reading this; you probably will switch to use the leaves as a source of natural drugs in your home. There are many more benefits from these leaves that you can set as a factor to natural medicine in your home - Bay leaf benefit health