Vertigo disease symptoms

Vertigo disease symptoms - Vertigo is a very dangerous disease and should soon we fix because if vertigo we let this disease will be developed and will provide the impact bad for our health. Vertigo typically occurs with a wide range of constraints and characteristics. So at least we understand what are the early symptoms of vertigo are extremely dangerous

Vertigo disease symptoms

will now discuss what causes the disease vertigo, which will have an impact on disease vertigo of our activities, which makes the time we have taken when we feel pain in his head, it can be a headache, or weakness, so what called Vertigo - Vertigo disease symptoms

1. Central nervous system disease
Vertigo is affected by neurological problems, which are disorders of the central nervous system due to a disease caused by such a multiplex sclerosis, tumors, Stoke, damage to the neck, diseases appearing vertigo diseases

2. The migrant
Vertigo disease also affected by a disease often associated with migrants, since this disease can indeed affect disease progression of vertigo

3. Inflammation or infection
Usually the infection can also cause infections in which vertigo disease comes from the arrival of colds, flu and ear pain, where the disease causes the inner ear works very easy form arrival vertigo diseases

4. Inner ear inflammatory disorders
Because of the bad habit of not working motion of the head position at the heart of heart-very easy to get vertigo risks-where, when I woke up all of a sudden change in the position of the head, or is the activity of just moving the head position result in bringing d dizziness, vertigo is usually influenced by the inner ear that is often called Paroxysmal positioning Vertigo Begin

5. Eye health
Usually the vertigo is often associated with damage to eyesight; if you have experienced damage to eyesight naturally balance the body is very conducive for reduction of vertigo diseases

That's partly the cause of vertigo illness, so keeping the health of our ears and eyes so that we can avoid illness vertigo. This can lead to vertigo can be your reference to avoid disease vertigo, good luck. Vertigo should we watch this early on with the way of life and healthy eating patterns that regularly eating we would avoid the negative influence of vertigo itself - Vertigo disease symptoms