The real danger of the use of Opioid increased

Before we discuss the impact of the use of hard or often called opioid (Opium) is actually an extension of the word oh-pee-oyds. in fact it has Opioid function which is good for health, but much misused resulting in addicted users. This became one of the opioid type drug which is very dangerous to our health

Opioid is plants that often we call with apiat which originated from the word opium, opium wahiduddin flowers of consumption that can be soothing to the wearer, but a side effect of a sense of calm that we get is not very good for health We, this including opioid narcotics in synthetic types.

Opioid (Opium)

lately Opioid becomes very warm in talking about in America with many opioid addicts become the forget yourself will be a negative impact on the drug from this hard. the American Government ever issued signals danger of taking medication from the name of this opioid

The content contained in the opioid is heroin (diacethylmorphine), kodin (3-methoxymorphine) and Dilaudid (hydromorphone).

There are many types of preparations of opioids are often think the encounter, such as:

1. Morphine
2. Herion (putaw)
3. The Codein
4. Opium


Preparations of opioids is indeed a lot and has spread out in the world, so be careful when you need to meet with this stuff, avoid immediately before you became one of the addicts.

Short term effects that will arise when you consume
1. Sense of Drowsiness extends
2. Respiratory distress
3. Constipation
4. The nausea
5. Coma

The long term effects that will arise when you consume opioid:

Obviously when you become drug addicts with different types of opioid which is included in, the effect is very obvious detrimental to your health, the body becomes weak and the brain doesn't work in increasingly nervous because of the narrowed vessel blood flowing to provide nutrients to the brain

Before it's too late it's good of you to avoid much of the opioid, because it is a kind of narcotic drugs that are very dangerous to your health