Health benefits of guava fruit

Health benefits of guava fruit - Guava fruit is healthy you should consume. Guava that has lots of fiber and vitamins is excellent for consumption to help the body meet the needs of fiber and vitamins. Guava is usually often we encounter on the home page or the garden. Guava easy once we encounter and have lots of benefits for health. Guava usually has two colors such as white or red outer skin with guava, green or yellow. 

Health benefits of guava fruit

Guava has an excellent flavor and sweet for consumption, but it tastes so delicious guava is a very healthy fruit to our consumption. So after you read this article feel free to consume the guava, so you get the benefits and efficacy of guava for body health

This time I intend to discuss and inform your friends all the benefits and efficacy of guava and vitamins contained in it, refer to this article to let you know what content is contained in the fruit of the guava - Health benefits of guava fruit

Benefits of guava for natural health:

1. Cure dengue fever - Guava is known as dengue fever remedy such as guava red substance that can replace red blood cells infected with the dengue virus

2. Heal the sick with diarrhea - Guava has a very high fiber; therefore guava can help digestive mucous coating that will protect the small intestine

3. Maintain immune - As well as the famous Guava fruit is capable to maintain the immune system, such as guava contains many vitamins and minerals

4. Stimulates brain development - Guava can also stimulate brain development because guava contains vitamins b3 and b6 are very good for the body

That's some benefits of guava can we know today, can you be more routine again to consume guava, as indeed in guava there are lots of benefits to our health. Eat guava fruit is not a thing that is useless because lots of vitamins in it. Share this article to your close relatives to share the benefits of guava bi to our health. - Health benefits of guava fruit