Banana benefits for health and nutrition facts

Banana benefits for health and nutrition -  The banana is a fruit that is often encountered in everyday life, the banana is a fruit that is very healthy for consumption by humans, fruit available and easy to consume, easy banana growing in the ground and especially in rural areas such as harness banana trees as limiting land and decorate the yard, which is also unique and interesting 

Banana benefits for health and nutrition

Banana is one of the excellent fruit for consumption because bananas contain lots of nutrients, vitamins and fiber is good for the body. The human body has always had a wide range of content such as vitamins, fiber, nutrients, from the multiplicity of human needs that in the banana fruit is contained. To consume a banana then we mean a body needs will be saved from substances your body needs

Banana is very liked by every human being, from the fun and enjoyment, it turns out that these fruit has numerous health benefits, but not many people know the benefits of banana fruit contains

Bananas contain folic acid and potassium that can increase the durability of the body to avoid various diseases - Banana benefits for health and nutrition

Here we will try to discuss the banana issue properties is very beneficial for our health

1. Lose weight
Banana is believed to contain a lot of fat and cholesterol so bananas have fruit in lieu of eating when we diet, diet is recommended for those who want to consume a banana

2. The flow of oxygen to the brain
Banana is known as a fruit that contains a lot of potassium-potassium which is beneficial for the body to increase blood flow to the heart can be hard pump intake of oxygen to the brain

3. Prevent blood shortages
Banana is known as biological iron, where these substances are beneficial for increasing the immunity of blood in the blood and maintain stable employment for our body's needs

4. Improve the digestive system
This is known as the banana fruit contains many vitamins, so if we're in a period of troubled in the digestion of bananas are the perfect solution to help digestion

That's some benefits of bananas to the body that routinely we consume, for those of you who haven't liked consume bananas should start now to be able to love the banana fruit. Because bananas contain lots of benefits for the health of our bodies, jam it to consume a banana fruit we also don't need to spend a lot of money, share this article with those closest to you when you found this article useful they were successful, greetings to all of us - Banana benefits for health and nutrition