Prunes Benefits For Health Naturally

Prunes benefits for health - Maybe for some people it's still less familiar to hear the name of plums, it was reasonable to happen because it pertained to the plums in fruit that is hard to come across and costis quite expensive, that is why it is still rarely people who understand with this one.

A plum is a fruit import that was originated in China, which is why the price of the fruit is quite expensive, and not everyone can taste the flavor of plums.

But we have to know is this pertained to the fruit in fruit full health benefits, which can be said it is comparable to the price offered.

Prunes benefits for health - The actual fruit is included into the list of fruit that is highly recommended for consumption given the myriad benefits that exist in it.

Prunes Benefits For Health Naturally

Though perhaps we too difficult to enjoy these plums, but no wrong also to see what actual benefits we can get from the fruit is expensive.

Before discussing the great benefits of plums, let's peek first what are the nutrient content that is in the in other than compounds that can nourish and refresh our bodies.

Some Nutritional Content of Plum: - Prunes benefits for health
— Plums contain many essential vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6.
— Additionally in plums preserved many minerals: zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, flour and also calcium.
— Plums contain folic acid and Acerbic acid.
— Content of antioxidants in the benefits of plums is also relatively high.
— Not only has a high fiber, low calorie also plums and free from evil fat or saturated fat.

With so much content that is stored in the plums, making the fruit is supplied with healthy benefits such as waging a healthy bowel and digestive system and a variety of other benefits including:

Preventing Cognitive Decline.
Cognitive decline in influence by the age factor, which can facilitate body stricken with Parkinson’s disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Eat prunes every day will help protect the body from the problem of cognitive decline, for storing plums substances flavonoids are very active in protecting the body from the downturn.

Fitonutrisi substance in the plum is also beneficial to keep the body from the inflammation which is the effect of neurological processes and also to increase the brain's memory will avoid the problem of senility.

To Protect Bone Health.
In the benefits of plums is an anabolic substance as well as anti-restorative are useful for maintaining healthy bones.

Coffee acid content of flavonoids mainly very helpful dam inhibiting the tissue damage that is in the bone, so the women post-menopause active ate the plums this will be spared from attack.

While the Polyphemus and calumny serve as advocates of growth and bone formation, protect and increase bone density and prevent it from combination bone problems caused by hormones that are in the ovary.

Heal Wounds Resulting From The Attack Of Free Radicals.
When the body succeeded in attack by various pollutants will surely inflict wounds, and by consuming plums we can get perfect effects against the wound.

Benefits of plums can stop the cuts because the fruit is able to stop the production injuries in membranes by free radicals.

Plums contain phenol substances that are useful to protect the facts of life inside the neuron membrane and make cuts could shrink and stop.

Prevent The Risk Of Complications Of Obesity.
Many diseases are caused by complications of obesity such as diabetes, stroke, heart and many more.

With the benefit of plums can then attack the metabolic syndrome by using bio active substance that is in the plums.

Contain Good Cholesterol.
To prevent the disease attacks the body in need of good cholesterol that will prevent the problem hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia.

consumption juice of plums are also useful to maintain healthy plasma cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart.

The existence of good cholesterol in the body can get rid of the bad cholesterol and will continue to increase the amount of good cholesterol.

Treating Diabetes.
Eating plums, we can be free from the problem of diabetes, it is caused because the benefits of plums this can effect anti hyperglycemia which aims to address the problem of diabetes.

A plum is beneficial as lowering triglyceride levels and glucose in the body, a substance flavonoidnya also serve to provide protection on insulin levels and increases the sensitive hormone insulin in the body.

Launch Performance of the Nervous System.
The abundance of vitamin in the plums is handy to launch the nervous system.

Vitamin B6 on plum will help the nervous system transmitting to support the function of the smooth running of the nervous system.

The presence of the amino acid tryptophan and within plum is useful for producing the neurotransmitter serotonin i.e. substances that have an important role in the happy sleep, increase your appetite and improve concentration.

Fight Free Radicals.
Pollutants is a threat to our bodies so that if it comes to harmful substances in the body is not at your opponent will then arise of various disorders in the body.

A plum is useful as an antidote to free radicals that are active against it to prevent the usual problems threatening the health of the body and also the skin.

It is in because plums have compounds such as vitamin C, neochlorogenic acid, klorogenat, fitonutrisi, and zeal xanthin-Cryptoxanthin.

Help Blood Clotting.
Vitamin K contained within the plums this will be beneficial to help the process of blood clotting in the body.

Help Launch The Digestive System.
With a wealth of fibers belonging to plums this will make it very good at helping the digestion process in the body.

Benefits of plums can launch a digestion so it could avoid the constipation problem.

Tackling Obesity.
Obesity is obesity which can be caused by genetic factors and also the food factor.
By eating the plums are rich in fiber can certainly control your appetite.

In fact there are many more benefits of plums as it helps overcome flu, overcoming depression, healthy cells in the body and plums is perfect if in consumption by mothers who are pregnant. - Prunes benefits for health