Sore eyes treatment at home natural

Sore eyes treatment at home - Sore eyes is a disease that almost everyone has experienced it, when we are teenagers or older people, due to this eye disease is not to be confused with the eyes of mines that can be aided by the lens. Sore eyes usually occur due to bacteria or germs that thrive in the eye. We shall keep your eye health, because the function of the eyes is absolutely vital for us to perform daily activities.

Sore eyes are usually caused by insect bites, entered the small animals who love to fly, and also being bitten by ants, the early symptoms are usually pain, sore eyes redness and itching, and followed by eyelid swelling around the top and bottom

Sore eyes easily healed, without any doctor's prescription of pain it will heal but it is a recovery, and there is also looking for a natural remedy to address this disease

Also, on this occasion I will try to share tips to treat sore eyes can naturally using simple tools and spices that we can easily find around our House - Sore eyes treatment at home

A natural eye: pain medications

1. The use of the property from the betel leaf
This method is usually done to relieve sore eyes, how it works, take as much as 3 pieces of betel leaves and mix the leaves into the water, and cooked when the hard boiling water, strain the mixture level of finesse to get water, when he already gets water, then hatch in the eye pain or you can wash the affected eye in the mix

2. Using the properties of potato
usually used for potatoes cooked when it has been cut into pieces, and on this occasion we explain that potatoes can also be used to treat sore eyes, which we have to prepare the potatoes and then pounded until smooth and add the potatoes last collision results to c loth gently and then paste it into the about sore eyes 15 minutes

3. Use of garlic
It belongs to the last way is very easy by using the properties of garlic, we peel the garlic, then cut, and the part we cut off our previous smooth and wipe it evenly on the eyelid exposed

an easy way to treat sore eyes, maybe you all can do it at home without having to wait a long time to heal sore eyes, but remember if within 3 days of your eyes do not have the characteristics to recover should you experience an eye doctor that might help your problem, so first our tips tonight, luck and success - Sore eyes treatment at home