Benefits of pineapple fruit natural and disadvantages

Benefits of pineapple fruit natural - Pineapple fruit is a fruit that is very easy for us to meet our environment, in addition to many fruit available in the shops of fruits, pineapple fruits containing a lot of Benefits to our health

Benefits of pineapple fruit natural

Yellow pineapple-shaped and have eyes that resemble scales which fruit has a flavor that is delicious and fresh for us to enjoy, not only can enjoy the freshness of pineapple, many benefits for health, known as the pineapple fruit because it contains a lot of vitamin c. pineapple is one of the fruits that we can make for the health resources

A great many benefits and efficacy of pineapple fruit for our health, hence in highly recommend we consume in the pineapple to preserve the health of our body. There is a whole range of pineapple fruit benefits you should know, as for the benefits that you can read this article runs out to nourish your body

The kinds of benefits from pineapple fruit for our health - Benefits of pineapple fruit natural
1. Treat worms
Pineapple can be set as a cure for intestinal worms in children younger pineapple in natural clear remove skin wash with hot water. Young then grated pineapple in. then take the water and give it to our children
2. The health of the stomach
The stomach feels full and the wind that so often consume pineapple juice, which can be as much as 150 cc. This pineapple juice ½ hour before eating.

3. Treat strep throat
Throat pain is that we often suffer because of the natural factors and conditions that are less healthy bodies; we exploit the properties of pineapple fruit as an alternative medicine is also called traditional medicine. The key is to peel two pieces of ripe pineapple, then blend or shredded. Further use of silky white cloth to squeeze out the water. Collect water and drink 3 times a day.

4. Resolve the dermatitis or dermatitis
Pineapple can also serve as a remedy for inflammation of the skin; you have inflammation of the skin or flaky skin or inflammation in your scalp, use only ripe pineapple fruit. Take ½ pineapple fruit, then grated and used the results of grated skin inflammation.

5. Treat giving give
A disease of sheep is a kind of disease that causes a deficiency of vitamin B, resulting in swelling of the body. To overcome this you can cure diseases with pineapple. 2 pineapple skin, then grate and squeeze the juice, drink it all. This should be taken as a morning or afternoon.

6. Resolve constipation
Pineapple is also believed to treat constipation; constipation is a disease that makes people difficult bowel movements. Take three young pineapples, peeled and cleaned. Then grated and squeeze out the juice. The drinking water twice a day. ½ Cup/drink enough drinking time.

7. Eliminate dandruff
Pineapple can also be used for treatment of dandruff in the head. Take the ¼ pineapple shredded and filtered water. Then mix with water 1 lemon. The mixture evenly and rinse the skin dandruff. Use this herb dandruff at night, washing clean the next morning. Do 2 times a week until your dandruff is gone.

8. Lose weight
Pineapple is also believed to reduce your weight and therefore for you who are doing the pineapple Diet program may be able to assist you in completing the pineapple diet, because excess calories burned are believed to be in the body

That’s the diverse types and efficacy of pineapple fruit you already know, when you feel beneficial for your health, feel free to share this article to the person nearest you for a variety of health info. - Benefits of pineapple fruit natural