What causes oily face skin adults only

What causes oily face skin adults - Many of us who feel saturated with oily skin because it will interfere with your daily routine activities. Many of us seem desperate to solve this problem, now we try to discuss the oily, problem skin that is affected by the following aspects 

What causes oily face skin adults

Oily skin is not a big problem we have to fear, which in this article we will discuss thoroughly about the causes of oily skin. With so many causes of oily skin in this article might be able to give motivation to the fore against you to keep all sorts of factors that cause oily skin - What causes oily face skin adults :

1. Gene
The first factor is why a person's face is a descendant of oily. If the faces of parents and other family members most have oily face, genetic factors can cause here.

2. Drugs and the wrong product
If you are sick and taking drugs. Also, to be aware of side effects are given. Sometimes the face can remove excess oil because of the consumption of drugs that are less precise. If you are the type of person who likes to wear a skin care product, should also be noted that this product doesn't necessarily mean because your skin can adjust the chemical substances. It is recommended that you consult a doctor.

3. Hormonal changes
A hormone that turns on one surely makes sense, especially in women, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Hormonal changes that encourage excess oil.

4. Menstruation
As already mentioned above, that hormonal changes may make it easier to oily skin. The menstrual cycle is included in this one factor.

5. Cosmetics
In addition to the product, the use of inappropriate beauty tools can damage the health of your skin. For example, the use of a powder brush and reduce humidity. - What causes oily face skin adults

6. Tanning
Do you know tanning? The process of staining of skin or more often called tanning has an adverse effect on the skin. Although the skin looks dry at the beginning of the tanning, but often the bodies eventually remove more oil.

7. Depressed
If you are stressed, the hormone cortisone is produced. The function of this hormone is to make you more alert, so the brain faster will solve problems that can cause stress. However, when this hormone is produced, then cortisone becomes a disaster for healthy skin, gland oil production increases.

The factors that cause oily, but don't worry, with this review we have a natural recipe to reduce or even eliminate your oily skin.

That is the different types of causes of oily skin that you have to learn to avoid your skin always greasy. Much more to prevent oily skin should you know of some kinds of causes of oily skin. Share this article when you feel has addressed the problems of oily skin which is very disturbing your activity - What causes oily face skin adults