How to relieve constipation at home

How to relieve constipation  - Constipation is a problem that should be and we have to overcome as soon as possible, because if we don't overcome this disease eat would be very dangerous for us. Difficulty urinating is an issue which our digestion is impaired or less healthy. The problem of constipation could be healed in the various types of treatment, either with prescription drugs or doctor of traditional medicine in a way that makes use of spices in believe can cure constipation 

How to relieve constipation

Sure we are all experiencing constipation, as it can affect our health, eat it we will have to control and maintain our health especially regarding digestion so that we don't feel disturbed when doing activities everyday

Many of us completed the constipation problem with drugs, but that's the way the drug is not recommended, because the process of defecation is a symptom of a lack of the digestive and intestinal activity between us, because the food is not good for digestion

Just we discussed how to cope with constipation: - How to relieve constipation

1. Expand the eat fruits and vegetables
Eat fruits and vegetables many benefits to our body even more for digestion, because fruits and vegetables have different vitamins and enzymes that help the production process in our body

2. Diligent drink water
Drink a lot of white can also help us in resolving the problem of disease in the intestine, where water is used to launch our digestive

3. Sports
This exercise also recommended to us in overcoming constipation, which sport will help to melt fat and substances that are hard to digest by the body

4. Setting of breath
The second is to control the blood flow by utilizing the breathing when we do bowel activity, where a deep breath will accelerate our bloodstream

That’s the way to eliminate the problem of defecation, by reading this article means you have finished resolving the problem of constipation you. Share this article when you are feeling a lot of people who also need health information here. - How to relieve constipation