How to Curb Your Appetite Without Eating

How to suppress your appetite - Hello friends, this time we will discuss the problems of excessive appetite, not a few of us who have an excessive appetite could even lead to a negative impact from the health of our fatherly therefore I will try to share the tips that we can control excessive appetite
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1. Make a list of foods -  To reduce appetite at certain hours, remember what you have every day. Remember this can result in the hippocampus in the brain this is a large part of the brain that can inhibit your appetite. In order for the maximum performance of the hippocampus, which is going to make a list of foods that you eat on a regular basis?

How to curb your appetite without eating

Don't forget to include foods with vitamin and mineral content such as fruits and vegetables. Do not use transparent Wrong dining place or containers to eat turned out to have a negative effect on the diet. Containers of food that can make food look easy. Based on the research of the International Journal of obesity American, 71% of women eat more when eating is used transparently. How to curb your appetite without eating , So avoid it. For food in small amounts it is when you see your favorite food, you want to eat it though not hungry? Wait a minute! We recommend that you limit your intake of calories into your body. Divide the food into smaller portions. It proved to be effective to prevent excessive hunger.

2. Avoid eating foods that are not essential to the body - In this way so that we do not have excessive appetite when looking at foods that are not essential for the body. The brain is always making our wishes posted by nerves, but if we are tempted to eat a tasty bit of looking but no benefits, better think of these foods avoided

3. Stay away from hangout - Hangout or relax normally would tempt us to try to eat foods that are tasty but not necessarily good for our health. Many foods that taste good it looks in a certain place that indirectly invites our desire to eat
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4. Brush your teeth - With diligent brushing my teeth then we will avoid the sense of want to eat because the teeth clean, our desire to eat is diminished because we have to brush your teeth repeatedly

5. Healthy Breakfast - Usually with a healthy and nutritious breakfast to make our activities run smoothly without any desire to eat little food or supplement that can make our body obesity.

How to curb your appetite without eating , That’s the proper way to remove excessive appetite you should keep, hopefully these tips and how useful to you to maintain good health, because health care is very expensive to let us keep to our future health, luck and success.