Home remedies for headache and fever

Home remedies for headache - Headache is a disease that we don't want, in which headache could come anywhere and anytime without our wills. Many of us are very upset with the headache that comes at a very important time like he was meeting or work to be completed soon.

Home remedies for headache

Headaches are annoying for those of us that when we have a very solid activity, but our heads dizzy even the pain in your head. Headache is not heavy work that should be in fear of, where we will share health tips to you for relieving headache quickly and naturally. You don't have to bother getting out of the House to find out how to cure a headache naturally, you can simply read this article to know how to cure a headache naturally

Here I will share tips to cure a headache naturally - Home remedies for headache

1. Consume water
Usually headaches are caused by dehydration; eating one of medicine's most potent fatherly overcome headaches is to consume water

2. Eat bananas
The banana is a fruit that is rich in potassium and magnesium are used to relieve headaches

3. Ice cubes
Many of us probably don't know that ice can relieve headaches, ice cubes can be used for headaches, and we rub ice cubes-rub it in our heads, to relieve pain, or are familiar with the term in a compress with ice cubes

4. Consume potatoes
Headaches can also be overcome by eating potatoes, because content in potatoes may increase the electron caused by dehydration, in addition to potatoes also contain potassium

5. Drinking coffee
We know a lot of caffeine coffee contains caffeine which can reduce the pain of our heads, with caffeine or brain head feels more comfortable so headaches due to solid activity can be reduced

That's the natural way which can be used to relieve headaches, hopefully these tips useful for all of us. There are still many other natural ways to cure headaches, which obviously you should always keep your stamina and your body condition to avoid yourself from headaches. If you find this article helpful share this article with people who are around you - Home remedies for headache