Custard apple benefits for health naturally

Custard apple benefits for health naturally - Sugar-Apple fruit is a plant that has the Latin name Annona squamosal l. If we look at the leaves and fruit, custard apples like a delicious fruit to eat sugar-Apple fruit. Contain a variety of content that we can take advantage of as a natural remedy, either from fruit for the leaves.

Custard apple benefits for health

Fruit custard apples turned out to contain a great many benefits to our health, but very unfortunate fruit custard apples lately is getting hard to find where these fruit will become extinct

Sugar-Apple in addition to delicious for eating turned out a great many benefits to our health, so feel free to consume sugar-Apple fruit full of vitamins and rich in nutrients to the body. A healthy body is absolutely required various types of intake is good for our digestion

Custard apples are one of the fruits that have a lot of vitamin c. Vitamin C is one type of antioxidant that later can be used to prevent some disease and one of them is asthma. So if there are people around you have asthma, you should recommend the use of these sugar-Apple fruit.

The sugar content of apples very much, including apple, fruit sugar contains

For 100 grams of sugar-apple fruit can be consumed his share of approximately 48% because these fruit has many seeds. And 48% from the section that contains: - Custard apple benefits for health
  • Energy by 63 cal
  • Until the 13.9 gr cards
  • Protein as much as 1.1 gr
  • Total fat 0.5 gr
  • The amount of calcium 127 mg
  • Phosphorus and 30 mg
  • 2.7 mg iron
  • Vitamin A in 0 IU
  • Vitamin C achieved amounted to 28.3 mg
  • The amount of 0.08 mg vitamin B1

A wide range of benefits and the benefits of sugar-Apple fruit for health:

1. Control blood sugar levels
Sugar-Apple fruit has a lot of fiber. If you eat two pieces of sugar-Apple field, having filled the fiber for Apples sugar your body the consumption of fruit is also believed to prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.

2. Keep your heart healthy
Sugar-Apple fruit contains vitamin B. that can prevent the development of homocysteine. Homosistein is a substance that can cause stroke and coronary heart disease when a big number. For it with vitamin B6 in apple fruit sugar will help to prevent it.

3. Helps the body to produce energy
Custard apples contain Thiamine. Thiamine is one substance that can help to convert sugar into energy. So if you all day today, can consume sugar-Apple fruit afterwards.

4. Reduce blood pressure
Sugar-Apple fruit contain potassium. Potassium is what will contribute to lower blood pressure. Potassium is able to control the effects of sodium that is present in the body.

5. Keep the supply of Vitamin B
B vitamins are vitamins that are needed by the body for the growth and development of the functions of the body. Well, in the presence of riboflavin are contained in sugar-Apple fruit can help to monitor whether the body requires vitamin has been fulfilled or not.

6. Help lower bad cholesterol
The content of niacin which is present in the fruit custard apples will be beneficial to increase good cholesterol in our body.

7. Strengthens bones
Sugar-Apple fruit contain magnesium. Magnesium is proven to assist in maintaining bone density in order to remain strong. So it's no wonder, there will be some magnesium supplements as a composition.

8. Maintain the health of the thyroid gland
The thyroid gland is the largest gland in the body. Located in the neck at the front. The thyroid gland to secrete enzymes that contribute to body named tyrosine. Because fruit custard apples containing copper, will help to stimulate the work of thyroid it.

9. Prevent interruption of pregnancy
It turns out that float is a member of the vitamin B, or commonly referred to as vitamin B9. Float content will help to prevent the occurrence of defects to fetus to pregnant.

That the range of benefits of custard apples, you know, these fruit is very helpful to our health, so don't forget to consume these berries every day. Once you know a whole range of benefits and let you start making this custard apples source your body needs nutrients, share this article to your relatives for a concern for health - Custard apple benefits for health