Best food to eat when flu

Best food to eat when flu - The flu is a virus that is very disturbing us in performing daily activities, therefore we must be diligent in maintaining the health of our body to keep from catching the flu. The flu usually comes due to the decline of our stamina or physical in the category of low vulnerable in viruses like the flu:

Best food to eat when flu

The flu is caused by a virus not bacteria, viruses of the rainy season it would be easier to attack humans, swine flu is usually transmitted from another individual without us knowing it, because the air around carrying the virus enters into our bodies

Therefore, before we got the flu, here we will share tips so that we avoid the flu that can disrupt our activities - Best food to eat when flu

1. Orange
An orange is a fruit that is very much vitamin C, oranges because it is classified as one of the foods that can prevent us from flu, vitamin C contained in oranges indirectly will be body armor should attack the flu

2. Ginger
Ginger can also be used by us to be the antidote to the flu virus will be included in our bodies, because ginger contains sesquiterpenes which serves to attack the virus that will enter our body, in addition to that ginger can also be warmed our bodies, not a few of us are using ginger to stay warm in the winter

3. Red wine
Red wine also is believed to be the bastion of the body to avoid the attack of the flu virus, which contains red wine and folifenol resveratrol which is believed to strengthen the immune system

4. Honey
Honey may be familiar to our ears, and everyone will now honey, honey is a healthy drink for us where honey is also believed themselves from the danger of attack the virus that causes the flu

5. Garlic
Garlic also believed to ward off colds, since many contain antiseptic garlic will kill influenza viruses coming into the body

It is a small fraction of foods we can consume to distance ourselves from the attacks of viruses that cause colds, flu, though it can be said lightly but flu is a disease that is dangerous, especially we do not adjust the right medicine for cure flu - Best food to eat when flu